Sunday mornings are full of life and inspiration no matter the season!  Come once or stay a lifetime.  No matter who you are or where you are on your life's journey, you are always welcome here!


We worship at 10:30 AM all year. While our worship would be considered "traditional" we are known to use a Tibetan singing bowl during prayer, create art during worship and explore new ways to experience the Divine as a gathered community. We are blessed by our musical gifts and passions and on any given Sunday you will hear organ, piano, ​harpsichord, recorder, strings, brass and choral music.

Everyone is welcome to join the choir, which gathers at 9AM Sunday to practice before the service. The first Sunday of every month we celebrate the Lord's Supper​ with gluten free bread and grape juice.



We always share Fellowship following worship and are treated to delicious offerings, often from people's gardens or kitchens.  We believe this time is as sacred as worship and it helps us build strong relationships to support our ministry.  But Fellowship goes beyond Sunday mornings and we are ready to host a reception for a funeral, share a pot luck meal or provide supper for a group coming to sing.  


(603) 532-7979

14 Laban Ainsworth Way,

P.O. Box 673

Jaffrey, NH 03452, USA

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