The First Church in Jaffrey (FCiJ) has adopted a holacratic governance model that is built on an interlocking system of circles that are nested in and around each other.  These circles are self governing and can form, reform and dissolve based on the work each circle is designed to accomplish. Some circles will function like standing committees in that the work is ongoing and will need ongoing support. Some circles will be periodic and some will be for a single event or purpose.

In the diagram that follows you will see two primary Stewardship Circles that each member and friend of FCiJ will be asked to join. Each person can join the Stewards of Spiritual Life Circle, or the
Stewards of Physical Life Circle. The idea being that we are all responsible for our part of
making FCiJ such a wonderful community - we are all stewards of FCiJ! Some of us feel most at home in the fiscal/physical side of things and some feel most at home in the spiritual /educational
side of things. Either way, we are all part of this life-giving whole.

Once we have selected our Stewards sub-circle we can participate in one or more Project Circles that are based on the ongoing or periodic work that we do throughout the year.


In addition to the Stewards Circles and Project Circles the Council or Executive Circle is made up of the elected officers (who must be members) and the pastors. This Executive Circle is made up of the pastor(s), 2 co-moderators or a moderator and vice moderator, the treasurer, and the clerk.

The Pastoral Relations Circle or PRC remains the same and  functions in relationship to the rest of
the entire system.

The Project Circles can function more as standing committees or as very short term working groups but they are all based on tasks and not on elected timeframes. Any circle with the exception of the
Executive Circle and PRC may include members, friends and those who never worship with us but who might like to be involved with a project. Some circles may have more non-worshipping
participants like the Fair Circle and some may have additional expert support like the Investment
. The point is to allow for the maximum flexibility while retaining enough structure to get the work done. The tempo of when each circle meets is the glue that holds this model together.

The Congregational Super Circle meetings happen once a quarter to allow all updates, planning and
communication to take place for good overall collaboration. This is where the “feed-forward” loops
are accomplished as we share and dream and celebrate our common life. The Executive Circle meets monthly to insure the day-to-day needs of the church are being addressed. Project Circles meet based on tasks. Some will be monthly, others will be seasonal. The Missions Circle, Social Justice Circle and Fair Circle are particularly suited to involve non-worship attending members and

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