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To members and friends of the First Church in Jaffrey

In the middle of this pandemic it is almost impossible to talk about the future. Next week and next month seem far away. In my meditation for April 24-25 I’m looking back at the Exodus and reminding us that God provides us manna one day at a time. Give us this day our daily bread. God promises us that God will be with us one day at a time. Take no thought for tomorrow. For the first time in our lives we have to take this quite literally. We have no idea what tomorrow will be but we must trust God today.
One of the things that has helped me the most during this time has been the opportunity to prepare these meditations. I have heard from many of you that they have been helpful to you as well. One of the things I’ve learned about The First Church in Jaffrey is that it is filled with amazingly talented people. The meditations are a TEAM EFFORT. They are a demonstration of how, when we work together, we can produce something far better than what any one of us could do on our own.

CAROL HESS is our producer photographer. GENE FAXON, our Minister of Music, provides music for all the videos. BETSY FEIKER and JANET GRANT have been our soloists. LISA BOSTNAR has been reading the scriptures. GEOFF FRANK has been downloading all the videos onto our web page, and JUDY LESSARD our church administrator, has been sending them out by e-mail.

Thank you to this extraordinary group of people — each bringing very different talents to the table, but each person’s talents making a difference. This seems to me to be church at its best. Incidentally you can watch all seven meditations on the First Church in Jaffrey web page or you can get the most current videos in e-mail from Judy. You can go directly to the church’s YouTube channel, too. 

Speaking of the many talents of this church, John Van Ness sent me an essay he had written about the coronavirus. It’s a very thoughtful piece (as you would expect from John) so I asked him if I could share it with the congregation. He agreed. So, here is the link. It also occurs to me that others in the congregation may be inspired by John and feel moved to write something, either poetry or prose, that we could include in future newsletters. This is your invitation to share with us.
Thank you for the opportunity to be your pastor and stay safe and healthy.

David Felton


The Old Burying Ground is full of ground phlox and other wildflowers today.  I could not resist taking many photographs to share with you, and have drawn on a recording of Vivaldi’s Gloria from our Easter Service 2019.  Domine Deus seems a fitting tribute to the special occasion and honor for this weekend.  Memorial Day is going to be very different in 2020!  The video is an opportunity for all to share in a small way the special meaning of this day.

Vivaldi's Gloria Easter 2019

Carol Hess

Moderator, the First Church in Jaffrey


Dear Friends,

Please use the links First Church in Jaffrey provides to draw close to one another among friends, family and other dear ones, or new folks encountered as we explore this new world  -  Be available in presence we hope, in spirit for those not in physical reach. We urge you to feel hearts open sharing anxieties, joys, hopes, memories, sorrows and questions about how this 2020 JAFFREY summer will unveil.


HOLD, we ask, yes SHARE with those with whom you may have not reached in a while….. share and explore memories, moments of those times and these… Translate what has been meaningful into languages for these times… KEEP the heartbeat as you go….!!!  What can YOU do to enrich from lives and experiences?


There is opportunity for A FEAST !    Take a look at this weekend’s videos !

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

David Felton’s message invites us to consume, and to share a message of old and totally today!  Recorded in words from Luke, those Biblical thoughts are shared by Lisa Bostnar…. raising thoughts that speak to our times. The answer is personal. Here, explore the matter -- take a minute and mediate. Thanks to our minister Rev. David Felton for sharing his thoughts and to Lisa Bostnar for the reading. Music offered by a team of friends at The First Church in Jaffrey. Photos -- thank you to many who have offered!

Come to the Feast Rev. David Felton 22 May 2020


Time -- the passage of minutes-hours-days -- has changed. This spring of 2020 Circumstances ask all of us to adjust our lives. Clocks, oh …  Not a 3hour change of the watch, but the soul clock, the ambiance clock, the personal need and gratification clock. COMFORT THY SERVANT, that’s you, that’s me, that’s you fill in the name. Easier to say “I need you” in music, offered by the worship Team at the First Church in Jaffrey.

Comfort Thy Servant 22 May 2020

Carol Hess

Moderator, the First Church in Jaffrey

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.


The Sixth Sunday of Easter

God is Our Refuge and Strength Rev. David Felton 14 May 2020

Creator God, You Are There  14 May 2020

The Fifth Sunday of Easter Mothers' Day

Mothers Akin to Eagles Rev. David Felton 7 May 2020

A Musical Tribute to Mothers  7 May 2020


You Raise Me UP 7 May 2020

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

She Shall Carry You Pastor David Felton 30 April

Hear Thou my Prayer, oh Lord  30 April

The Third Sunday of Easter

Exodus in Our Times Pastor David Felton 24 April

Be Not Afraid 24 April

My Lord, What a Morning  24 April

Second Sunday of Easter 

Pastor Felton's Meditation on Trust

16 April

When the Easter Bunny Came By

16 April

Best Friends  16 April

Easter Meditations and Music

Easter Message for 2020 by Rev. David Felton from the gospel of John 20: 1-18

 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

G. F. Handel's musical statement of faith

 Bow Down Thine Ear, Oh Lord

 Vivaldi Cello Sonata #1 B-flat major



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Rev Felton with Sign.JPG

Rev. Dr. David Felton

The Video Worship Team at Work



First Church in Jaffrey will not offer Services on Palm Sunday or Easter, in accordance with Governor Sununu’s pronouncement. The church has been closed, but we have created video meditations with music weekly for Holy Week, which you can view by clicking on the underlined texts below.


Palm Sunday Meditations and Music

The Messenger Brings a Sign of Life by Rev. David Felton - April 7

If With All Your Hearts Janet Grant & Gene Faxon - April 7

Where Ere You Walk Janet Grant & Gene Faxon - April 7

Spring Comes Oh So Slowly, But It Comes Gene Faxon - April 7

Lenten Meditations and Music

Living in the Wilderness  by David Felton - March 30, 2020

Potpourri First Church in Jaffrey Gene Faxon & Betsy Feiker - March 30, 2020

Meditation with Whales


A Meditation from Rev. David Felton – March 23, 2020


Notes of Spring 2020, with music by Gene Faxon & photos by Carol Hess

A Meditation from David Felton - 18 March 2020

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P.O. Box 673

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